Car Racing Simulator Games

Although, as we have already indicated, arcade simulators can provide enormous doses of realism, within the driving genre, we also find proposals aimed only at experiencing the most real and competitive pilotage we can imagine. These titles go to a particular audience and have been designed to offer a very close experience to the simulators used by the competition teams. That is why if we want to enjoy one of these video games, it will be essential that we have the right steering wheel.

  1. Assetto Corsa

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Assetto Corsa is an exceptional driving simulator, capable of offering realistic driving sensations and an enormous thrill in every race. The title incorporates a lot of vehicles and, although the number of tracks could be more numerous, the perfect recreation of its asphalt makes each run a very immersive experience. The design of the vehicle physics is excellent, and the control with steering wheel almost complete, getting genuine feedback of everything that happens on the track.

To transmit this enormous verisimilitude, considerable work has been done in the visual recreation of the cars, also enjoying an impeccable sound capture. In terms of game modes, Assetto Corsa has multiple online options and a respectful and very competitive community, which allows drawing all the playable potential from this aspect. As a close to an outstanding product, the video game incorporates compatibility with virtual reality on PC, which makes the experience much more immersive. Without a doubt, we are facing one of the best proposals for those who seek to enter into the most demanding simulation.

  1. iRacing

Available on PC.

iRacing is a real simulator, a title that has been designed from its conception as a demanding, realistic, and online competition-oriented video game. The control is fantastic, enjoying an overwhelming level of realism that allows drivers to enjoy tight and exciting races. It will be essential to have a right steering wheel, since iRacing can transmit everything that happens on the track with enormous Fidelity, thus achieving a control not suitable for beginners.

Its online approach is perfect, as it includes a competitive license that analyzes our level of pilotage and our behavior on the track, thus getting the races to suit our driving style. The title incorporates more than 100 cars from some of the world’s most prestigious brands and many tracks, including mythical records such as LeMans, Imola, or Silverstone. Besides, the video game features official testing licenses such as the 24-hour LeMans, Indycar, or Nascar. The enormous amount of content available, its polished visual finish, and an inexhaustible online slope make iRacing one of the high simulators of recent years.

  1. RFactor 2

Available on PC.

RFactor 2 was created to be as close as possible to a real professional simulator, which makes this proposal a excellent option for lovers of the most realistic driving. In a way, his professional approach sheds light on certain aspects of the whole, such as an improved interface or a solvent graphical engine, but which has significant visual deficiencies. However, this does not significantly harm a tremendously realistic video game, with enormous competitive potential and an online community that has nurtured the title with a multitude of content.

Among the strengths of RFactor 2, we should also highlight the enormous amount of configuration parameters in settings, the variety and quality of weather changes and their respectful online community, making the video game one of the most demanding and fun of this subgenre